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Brand Reputation

Reputation. Communication. Design.

  • Is your Brand stronger than that of your competitors? If yes, how?
  • Your messages, services / products and in general your Brand is fully understood by your Customers?
  • What is the best way to communicate with your Customers? Especially when?
  • What trend concepts should you use to get your message out?
  • What degree of involvement of your Customers did you manage to get with your communication strategy?
  • The audience that you can reach on social networks and on the web how is extensive, involved, happy, attentive, willing to contribute?
  • How effective and efficient are your main influencers in conveying your messages?

These and other questions are the milestones for the definition of a right reputational strategy for your Brand.

Supernova Data has the know-how and the competence to give complete and targeted answers to all the questions for the definition of a correct reputational strategy.

Supernova Data‘s approach to Reputation:

  • Focus on the object concerned (brand or personal) and its environment;
  • Identification of relevant trend topics;
  • Key words and key concepts related to the triggering event;
  • Collection of data from Web & Social Network with Top Class tools worldwide;
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to refine the meaning of data;
  • Deduction of sentiment analysis;
  • Quantitative analysis of the main standard metrics;
  • Qualitative analysis that cross-references information from other sources;
  • Strategic indication on the main aspects that determine reputation.