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Reputation. Communication. Design.

Supernova Data is a consulting services company in the field of Personal and Brand Reputation that uses a set of advanced software (top class) in the analysis of large databases (Big Data) through Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Through the collection of information from different sources (Web, Social Network, Deep Web) and their analysis, it is possible to identify trends and sentiments on the web relating to a specific topic (fact, person or thing).

The identified sentiment is representative of the reputation of people and / or companies and / or events; therefore, it is possible to relate, through consultancy services, Reputation (Personal and Brand) for both commercial and social purposes.

Personal Reputation measures the presence and reputation of a person (eg a public figure) through the collection of data on the web / social network, and is now considered the key to success in creating and managing the public image. We also explore Executive Reputation.
Brand Reputation measures sentiment towards the brand / product / service and is a central element in corporate communication and strategic marketing strategies.