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Supernova Data

Reputation. Communication. Design.


A huge amount of online data (Web, Social Network, Deep Web, TV, Radio, Podcast) are identified, collected, refined, processed and interpreted in order to make their meaning better understood by the customer, in a more effective and interesting way.


Content Plan is determined leveraging results from Sentiment Analysis and realizing a Cross Channel Content Matrix. A Channel Architecture is defined for each Channel and then every TouchPoint is going to be designed and implemented.


Design Thinking approach is used along each step of production in order to reach an innovative and dynamic company management. The Design is also the mantra of Supernova Data for the customers’ satisfaction in terms of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

About us

Supernova Data: Reputation. Communication. Design.

Supernova Data has in its DNA the know-how and experience of processing a large amount of data and obtaining Brand and Personal Reputation thanks to its Research Center composed by People who use the most advanced tools on the market.
Supernova Data is able to perform the best Communication Plan starting from people’s perception and following the Design Thinking method beyond the classical digital strategy approach that reaches the best User Experience and User Interface.
The Team consists of Professionals and Top Managers from Consulting and Industry with heterogeneous skills to leverage on synergies among them.
Supernova Data is flexible and dynamic in order to satisfy its customers’ needs in terms of the required skills and resources.

A few things we’re great at

Supernova Data offers a customer tailored and customer centered consulting service about Reputation, Communication and Design.


Report on Online Reputation starting from the quantitative analysis of the data coming from the instrumental survey of the most advanced tools on the market.


Sentiment Analysis deriving from the process structured in three steps: quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and strategic direction. Definition of the implementation / corrective plan for the achievement of the client’s objectives. Analysis of the current positioning and indication of how to reduce the gap with the expected one.


Complete and detailed Sentiment Analysis project that starting with the quantitative and qualitative analysis comes to elaborate and state the strategic indications in several moments: before, during and after the observation period interested by the customer.


Reputation is elaborated starting from a light sentiment analysis and in an automated way through an APP or a Web APP.